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Navigating through the public school system with a student who has educational differences and/or disabilities, who may have been placed with academic intervention services, drop-out prevention services, or is exiting the Juvenile Justice department can be often complex and confusing. 


We provide our clients with compassionate and comprehensive support to assist them in ensuring each student is setup for successfully completing the education they are entitled to.

Educational Plan Analysis & Research

Our team can evaluate and analyze your student's individual circumstances, any assessments/evaluations already completed, any progress data, and any IEPs/504s/Intervention Plans that have been implemented so far and provide you with recommendations and advice to assist you in addressing any gaps or strategies to setting your student up for success in completing their education. 

In-Person Teacher/School Conference Advocate

One of our team members may attend, as a designated advocate, for parent/teacher conferences, student observations, IEP/504 meetings, and other educational conferences at your request.

Establishing a Healthy School to Home Relationship

We can become an active partner with the student, parent/guardians, and the academic intervention teams  that provide services to the student to develop a healthy partnership and ensure continuity between home and school, foster open lines of communication, and clarify responsibilities between the parties.

Educational Plan Monitoring & Delivery Follow-Up

We also provide monitoring a follow-up services to ensure the agreed up educational plans developed are being implemented and progress is being made with the methods and the strategies chosen to implement the plan.

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Let's Work Together

If you think that these services can assist your student to getting on the path to success, then fill out the contact form and we will contact you shortly. 

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